No. 5 (264), issue 11Pages 54 - 61

On the Controllability of Linear Sobolev Type Equations with Relatively Sectorial Operator

O.A. Ruzakova, E.A. Oleynik
$ varepsilon $-controllability of linear first order differential equations not resolved with respect to the time derivative $L stackrel {.} {x} (t) = Mx (t) + Bu (t), quad 0<t<T$ are studied. It is assumed that $ker L
e {0 }$ and the operator $M$ is strongly $(L, p)$-sectorial. These conditions guarantee the existence of an analytic semigroup in the sector of the resolution of the homogeneous equation $ L stackrel {.} {x} (t) = Mx (t) $. Using the theory of degenerate semigroups of operators with kernels the original equation is reduced to a system of two equations: regular, i.e. solved for the derivative (on the image of the semigroup of the homogeneous equation) and the singular (on the kernel of the semigroup) with a nilpotent operator at the derivative. Using the results of $varepsilon$-controllability of the regular and singular equations, necessary and sufficient conditions of $varepsilon $-controllability of the original equation of Sobolev type with respect to $p$-sectorial operator in terms of the operators are obtained. Abstract results are applied to the study of $varepsilon$-controllability of a particular boundary-value problem, which is the linearization at zero phase-field equations describing the theory in the framework of mesoscopic phase transition.
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relatively $p$-sectorial operators, controllability.
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