No. 18 (277), issue 12Pages 20 - 31

Temperature and Force Stochastic Models in Grinding Processes and Implementation of Them by Parallel Computing

A.A. Koshin, , L.V. Shipulin,
Considered the stochastic models of the temperature field in the cutting zone and the radial component of cutting force in grinding. Stochastics the interaction of the tool and the workpiece due to the probabilistic structure of the wheel, due to its production technology. We consider the auxiliary model, necessary for the proper functioning of the basic models. Was created information scheme of software complex that includes all basic modules and their relationships. The necessity of application of parallel technologies. Showing the scale of the calculations and the need to use parallel technology. Structurally, the program is divided into three blocks, each block of data is a set of nested loops (the depth of 2 to 4). In this cycle, starting from a depth of 2 admit the equivalent transformation to a form containing independent iterations. The cycle of top-level parallelism allows synchronization with the condition of the input data at the beginning of each iteration. In a parallel implementation of the software system used a combination of technologies like MPI and OpenMP.
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grinding, modeling, parallel computing.
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