No. 40 (299), issue 14Pages 29 - 38

Analysis of the Estimation Accuracy of Azimuth Systematic Errors for System of Radars

D.A. Bedin
The problem of the azimuth systematic errors estimation is investigated in the case when there are a number of radars observing a moving aircraft. The errors can be identified processing the data recieved during some time interval. We consider the simplest variant when the aircraft motion is almost uniform and straight-line and its location is far from all radars. The linearization of the observation equations is reasonable under these assumptions and leads to a linear parameter estimation problem with the azimuth systematic errors as unknown parameters. An approach to analyse the estimation accuracy depending on the relative mutual location of the observation region and all radars is suggested. Some easy and natural conditions on the observation instants are elaborated. Under these conditions the covariation matrix has a simple form. We demonstrate that this form is useful also in the case when our conditions are fulfiled approximately only.
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parametric estimation, azimuth systematic error of radar, estimation accuracy, generalized least-squares method.
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