No. 40 (299), issue 14Pages 89 - 98

Complex of Mathematical Models for Research of Humidity Exchangeprocess Between Books and Air Environment of Book Depository

E.G. Kuzmina
The problem of maintenance of optimum temperature and humidity conditions is the basis of exhibit storage in museums and a guarantee of painting and icons safety in churches as deviation from standard conditions is a source of material damaging. This paper is devoted to the research of a humidity exchange process between air environment of book depository and books, which are placed on the shelves. Based on the developed algorithm the systematical calculations of humidity distribution during drying and humidification of sheets of paper have been implemented for different hydrothermal features of a book depository. The influence of book shelves interior on the regularities of water steam diffusion from book depository air into the air between sheets of paper and into the sheets is analyzed. The analysis of calculation results is done and the comparison of them with the existing experimental data is performed as well.
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a humidity exchange process between air environment of book depository and books, diffusion equation.
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