Volume 6, no. 1Pages 85 - 97

Diffraction of Wave Processes in Gas-Particles Mix

A.V. Fedorov
The paper presents a review of the numerical investigations on the interaction of shock waves and heterogeneous detonation Chapman - Jouguet and cellular detonation in a mixture of oxygen and aluminum particles, made mainly at ITAM SD RAS. The analytical criteria for conversion of regular types of reflection of shock waves into irregular (Mach reflection) were presented for inert mixtures. The transition of detonation flows from the narrow part of the channel in the unlimited space in the transverse direction, as well as to the channel with a large but finite width were considered. Three types of flow: - Subcritical (break detonation) - Critical (failure with subsequent reinitiation) and - Supercritical (continuous propagation of detonation) were determined. The chart of the flow fields, determining the appropriate type of detonation, was constructed in the plane (the radius of the particles - the width of the narrow part of the channel).
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a mixture of gas and solid particles, the heterogeneous detonation, numerical simulation.
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