Volume 6, no. 3Pages 18 - 25

Mathematical Modelling of the Electric Fields at Electrophysic Devices

G.V. Baydin, V.F. Kuropatenko, I.V. Lupanov
In mathematical modelling the continuous functions are substituted by tabular ones and the differential equations are approximated by finite differences. The need of similar restriction for approximation accuracy in the whole process of finding a solution demands the cell size refining in the place of high derivatives. In addition the different scaled important details may need using the non-uniform meshes with strongly different size of cells. This paper is devoted to solution of electrostatic tasks by means of original difference scheme at adaptive meshes. The specific attention is pointed to the approximation accuracy behavior at mesh transition from steady to non-uniform.
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electrophysic facility, Laplas equation, adaptive mesh refinement, approximation, convergency.
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