Volume 6, no. 4 Pages 108 - 115

Algorithmic Bases of Automated Management by the Professional Standard of the Bachelor

A.V. Kharitonov, A.N. Danilov, A.Y. Bukalova
This paper discusses a set of aggregate algorithms for estimates and decomposition of complex evaluation of the results for the automated management of bachelors training with competence and no entropy approaches. While implementing the competence approach the training process is divided into three stages: the formation of disciplinary competencies at the level of knowledge in basic training, which is responsible for the formation of skills, training and profile at forming possessions capabilities to standard production tasks. To measure students level of formation of competencies no entropy approach that considers the increase of information as a result of the educational process is to be used.
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bachelor's degree; the level of training; management; automation, competence approach; no entropy approach; aggregation; decomposition.
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