Volume 7, no. 4Pages 51 - 64

A Simulation of the Thermal State of Heavily Loaded Tribo-Units and Its Evalution

Yu. Rozhdestvensky, E. Zadorozhnaya
The thermal state of the elements of heavily loaded tribo-units is among the most important parameters affecting their performance. The temperature of the lubricating layer of bearings determines to a large extent their load-bearing capacity. The heat balance equation used to estimate the temperature of friction pairs fails to yield the temperature fields and the regions of their maximum values. This fact makes our problem important. We examine a mathematical model and a method for calculating the thermal state and thermohydrodynamic characteristics of heavily loaded sliding bearings, taking into account the non-Newtonian properties of the fluid as well as the heat exchange processes between the lubricating layer and the surrounding moving surfaces of tribo-units. To solve the energy equation, we propose to use finite difference approximation methods. To create the difference analogs of the energy equations for some structural elements and thin lubricant layers, we use the Pismen-Reckford scheme of implicit alternating directions. We present the calculated hydromechanical characteristics of the connecting rod bearing of a heat engine. We obtain three-dimensional distributions of temperature in the lubricant.
The results show that, if we allow for convective heat transfer in the radial direction, the processes of heat exchange between the lubricating layer and the surrounding moving surfaces enable us to determine more accurately the mean lubricant temperature and the thermal stress of a tribo-unit as a whole. Our method can be used to assess the performance and efficiency of heavily loaded tribo-units of piston and rotary machines.
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bearing; generalized energy equation; partial differential equations; boundary value problems.
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