Volume 8, no. 1Pages 100 - 110

The Mathematical Modelling of the Production of Construction Mixtures with Prescribed Properties

A.L. Shestakov, G.A. Sviridyuk, , M.D. Butakova
We propose a method for the mathematical modelling of the preparation of construction mixes with prescribed properties. The method rests on the optimal control theory for Leontieff-type systems. Leontieff-type equations originally arose as generalizations of the well-known input-output model of economics taking supplies into account. Then they were used with success in dynamical measurements, therefore giving rise to the theory of optimal measurements.
In the introduction we describe the ideology of the proposed model. As an illustration, we use an example of preparing of simple concrete mixes. In the first section we model the production process of similar construction mixtures (for instance, concrete mixtures) depending on investments. As a result, we determine the price of a unit of the product. In the second section we lay the foundation for the forthcoming construction of numerical algorithms and software, as well as conduction of simulations. Apart from that, we explain the prescribed properties of construction mixes being optimal with respect to expenses.
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Leontieff-type system; production of construction mixes.
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