Volume 8, no. 1Pages 132 - 136

The Multipoint Initial-Final Value Condition for the Navier - Stokes Linear Model

S.A. Zagrebina, A.S Konkina
The Navier - Stokes system models the dynamics of a viscous incompressible fluid. The problem of existence of solutions of the Cauchy - Dirichlet problem for this system is included in the list of the most serious problems of this century. In this paper it is proposed to consider the multipoint initial-final conditions instead of the Cauchy conditions. It should be noted that nowadays the study of solvabilityof initial-final value problems is a new and actively developing direction of the Sobolev type equations theory. The main result of the paper is the proof of unique solvability of the stated problem for the system of Navier - Stokes equations.
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relatively p-sectorial operators; the multipoint initial-final value condition; the Navier - Stokes linear model.
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