Volume 9, no. 1Pages 46 - 58

Generalized Model of Courier with Additional Restrictions

A.A. Chentsov, A.G. Chentsov
Mathematical model of process of sequential choice of permutation variants and fulfilment of works complex with complication at the expense of the operations coupling on different time intervals and preceding conditions is constructed. Routization problem with constraints and costs functions depending on tasks list is considered. This formulation is oriented to the solving of engineering problems, which arised in nuclear engineering and mechanical engineering. In the first case, constraints depending on list of tasks which are not fulfilled at the current time and concerning of dismantling of the radiation equipment fragments are assumed. In the second case, constraints connected with guarantee of sheet rigidity under cutting of details on machines with numerical control are possible; in this case, the dependence from lists of fulfilled works arises. The method of solving is based on widely undestanding dynamic programming; method which is expounded on the functional level. In the presence of preceding conditions there is no need for construction of full array of the Bellman function values. For the concrete variant of the problem connected with sheets cutting by the machines with numerical programming control, the proposed (optimal) algorithm is realized on a personal computer; results of calculation experiment are proposed.
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route; trace; preceding conditions.
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