Volume 9, no. 1Pages 105 - 113

Structural Parametric Modelling of an Information-Analytical System

V.V. Menshikh, O.V. Pyankov
We develop a method for studying relations between interior and exterior characteristics of an information-analytical system. As interior characteristics, we use the balance estimates accounting for conflict interactions among the elements. We solve the problem on assuming that the interior and exterior characteristics of the system are related. We justify the expediency of using the least squares method to find an explicit functional dependence among the characteristics. We develop a method for calculating the functional dependence in the case of a matrix representation of the values of characteristics basing on pseudoinverse matrices. A numerical example illustrates how the proposed method works in the structure parametric modeling of an information-analytical system in an internal affairs department.
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information-analytical system; exterior and interior characteristics; balance estimates; least squares method.
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