Volume 9, no. 1Pages 114 - 122

Optimization of Nozzle Layout in Continuous Casting Machine

D.S. Safonov, O.S. Logunova, D.V. Chistiakov
The article presents the results of the scientific research around development of mathamatical foundation for calculating optimal nozzle layout in secondary cooling zone of continuous casting machine and describes implementation of this foundation in specialized computer-aided design system. Optimization procedure is based on the 2-dimensional mathematical model of the thermal state of the slab, which accounts nozzle layout, and optimization criteria for the cross-cut thermal profile of the slab surface. Optimization problem solution consists of two basic blocks: solving thermal conductivity problem and iterative search of the nozzle positions that provide best solution from the point of proposed criteria. The results of running optimization procedure on input conditions based on existing casting machine showed that the obtained solution enables to provide smoother cross-surface thermal profile of the slab. Results of the work can be used for design of new continouous casting machines, modernization of the secondary cooling system of existing machines, and general numeric analisys of secondary cooling system operation for user-provided conditions.
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thermal state simulation; nozzle layout optimization; secondary cooling zone; continuous casting machine.
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