Volume 9, no. 2Pages 124 - 129

On a Heat and Mass Transfer Model for the Locally Inhomogeneous Initial Data

T.Sh. Kal'menov, G.D. Arepova
We consider a model case of the problem of heat diffusion in a homogeneous body with a special initial state. The peculiarity of this initial state is its local inhomogeneity. That is, there is a closed domain Omega inside a body, the initial state is constant out of the domain. Mathematical modelling leads to the problem for a homogeneous multi-dimensional diffusion equation. We construct the boundary conditions on the boundary of the domain Omega, which can be characterized as 'transparent' boundary conditions. We separately consider a special case - a model of redistribution of heat in a uniform linear rod, the side surface of which is insulated in the absence of (internal and external) sources of heat and of locally inhomogeneous initial state.
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diffusion equation; homogeneous body; initial state; local inhomogeneity; transparent boundary conditions.
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