Volume 9, no. 2Pages 130 - 134

Modelling the Innovation Activity of an Enterprise

V.G. Mokhov, K.S. Stakhanov
Specific features of foresight expert forecasting methods make them ineffective for compresided analysis of enterprise innovation activity. This determined the urgency of developing a deterministic method for predicting the results of innovative activities of the corporation resulting from the simulation of production indicators.
The paper considers modelling of innovation process quantitative characteristics, aimed at the industrial enterprises innovative activity evaluation under implementation of a specific investment project. In the process of modelling operations used a production function. To account for the specificity of industrial production basic production function modified with regard to material resources and influence of 'autonomous' technical progress is Hicks-neutral. The developed algorithm of solution the Mendershausen multicollinearity effect. Credibility built industrial plant test confirmed by the consent of the criteria of operational models.
The author's method of estimation of innovative activity of industrial enterprises in implementation of innovation project on the basis of dynamics of indicators of the elasticity of production. The proposed method allows to reflect the economic result from the introduction of a specific innovation project. The research results are recommended for practical use in the selection of investment projects and for integrated assessment of corporate governance through the additional key performance indicator.
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economic and mathematical model of an industrial production; corporate foresight; production function; innovation activity evaluation.
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