Volume 9, no. 3Pages 55 - 67

Interval Explosion Search Algorithm and Its Application to Hypersonic Aircraft Modelling and Motion Optimization Problems

A.V. Panteleev, V.N. Panovskiy, T.I. Korotkova
This work considers hypersonic aircraft open-loop control problem in a presence of terminal and phase constraints. By the discretization process this problem is transformed into a nonlinear programming problem which is solved numerically by the interval explosion search algorithm. This algorithm belongs to metaheuristic algorithms of interval global optimization. Desired control is constructed in a class of interval piecewise-constant and piecewise-linear functions. Also this work demonstrates the comparison of results obtained by the proposed method and by Galerkin projection technique. This comparison confirms the efficiency of the interval based control algorithm.
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interval analysis; interval explosion search; optimization; optimal control; hypersonic aircraft.
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