Volume 9, no. 3Pages 94 - 104

A Software Package for Simulation of Unsteady Flows of the Reacting Gas in the Channel

V.Yu. Gidaspov, V.K. Golubev, N.S. Severina
This paper describes a software package for numerical modelling of the structure of unsteady flows of multicomponent reacting gas with graphic and informational components for resource-intensive phases of computational experiments support. Simulation of the 'fine structure' of unsteady flows is achieved because the calculation is carried out at substantially irregular mobile computational mesh, including the fact that the trajectories of strong and weak discontinuities, the parameters of which are calculated by special grid-characteristic algorithms, serve as computational knots; herewith all the gridline intersections are calculated precisely. The designed software package can be used to solve the problems of reacting gas dynamic, which may have practical significance, as well as to illustrate academic courses in physical gas dynamics.
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informational support of gas dynamics problems; informational technologies; grid-characteristic method.
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