Volume 9, no. 4Pages 40 - 52

On One Mathematical Model Described by Boundary Value Problem for the Biharmonic Equation

V.V. Karachik, B.T. Torebek
In this paper mathematical model described by a generalized third boundary value problem for the homogeneous biharmonic equation in the unit ball with boundary operators up to the third order containing normal derivatives and Laplacian is investigated. Particular cases of the considered mathematical model are the classical models described by Dirichlet, Riquier, and Robin problems, and the Steklov spectral problem, as well as many other mathematical models generated by these boundary conditions. Two existence theorems for the solution of the problem are proved. Existence conditions are obtained in the form of orthogonality on the boundary of some linear combination of boundary functions to homogeneous harmonic polynomials of a particular order. The obtained results are illustrated by some special cases of the general problem.
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mathematical model; biharmonic equation; boundary value problems; Laplace operator.
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