Volume 9, no. 4Pages 96 - 104

Statistical Analysis of the Functional Status of the Students

V.I. Zalyapin, A.P. Isaev, V.V. Erlikh, R.A. Gainullin
The South Ural is one of the most advanced industrial regions in Russia. It has huge industrial potential (metal industry, mechanical engineering, chemical process industry, oil-extracting industry, mineral resource industry) which predetermines negative ecological trends in the region. Levels of air pollution with salts of heavy metals, phenol and $CO_2$ are 2-4 times higher than national air quality standards. Moreover, natural background radiation in the region is increased. Under the stated conditions, low levels of motor activity lead to hypoxia and cumulative disorders of the locomotor system as well as to respiratory, gastric, oncological, allergic and other diseases. Poor environmental background significantly affects demographic rates including the life expectancy which is 72 in average for the region: 60 years for men, and 75 years for women.
The paper studies how the main anthropometric and physiological parameters in the local residents who are divided into three groups according to their health status and motor activity (so called health groups) influence the physical fitness. Social-biological and medical aspect of the study - to find out the correlation between parameters in the examined people from different groups - may also be of interest for specialists working on optimization of physical education practice and student's health promotion.
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statistical analysis; cardiovascular system; Skibinski index; orthostatic test; models.
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