Volume 10, no. 1Pages 113 - 124

Baltic Sea Water Dynamics Model Acceleration

A.P. Bagliy, А.V. Boukhanovsky, B.Ya. Steinberg, R.B. Steinberg
Industrial Baltic sea water dynamics modelling program optimization and parallelization is described. Program is based on solving the system of partial differential equations of shallow water with numerical methods. Mechanical approach to program modernization is demonstrated involving building module dependency graph and rewriting every module in specific order.
To achieve desired speed-up the program is translated into another language and several key optimization methods are used, including parallelization of most time-consuming loop nests. The theory of optimizing and parallelizing program transformations is used to achieve best performance boost with given amount of work. The list of applied program transformations is presented along with achieved speed-up for most time-consuming subroutines. Entire program speed-up results on shared memory computer system are presented.
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program transformation; program optimization; program parallelization.
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