Volume 10, no. 3Pages 5 - 15

Normal Forms of the Degenerate Autonomous Differential Equations with the Maximal Jordan Chain and Simple Applications

L.R. Kim-Tyan, B.V. Loginov, Yu.B. Rousak
Degenerate differential equations, as part of the differential-algebraic equations, the last few decades cause increasing interest among researchers, both because of the attractiveness of the considered theoretical questions, and by virtue of their applications. Currently, advanced methods developed in this area are used for system modelling and analysis of electrical and electronic circuits, chemical reaction simulations, optimization theory and automatic control, and many other areas. In this paper, the theory of normal forms of differential equations, originated in the works of Poincare and recently developed in the works of Arnold and his school, adapted to the simplest case of a degenerate differential equations. For this purpose we are using technique of Jordan chains, which was widely used in various problems of bifurcation theory. We study the normal forms of degenerate differential equations in the case of the existence of the maximal Jordan chain. Two and three dimensional spaces are studied in detail. Normal forms are the simplest representatives of the degenerate differential equations, which are equivalent to more complex ones. Therefore, normal forms should be considered as a model type of degenerate differential equations.
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degenerate differential equations; normal forms; Jordan chains.
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