Volume 10, no. 4Pages 35 - 45

The Attenuation of Spherical Shock Waves in Heterogeneous Media

N.L. Klinacheva, Y.M. Kovalev
This article represents the analysis of the numerical investigation of the interaction of spherical shock waves (SW) with mechanical and thermal inhomogeneities located on a flat surface. The results of the calculations showed that the presence of the mechanical and termal heterogeneity on a flat surface of the heterogeneous layer leads to attenuation of the incident UV within this layer, depending on the volume fraction of the condensed phase. A sufficiently large volume fraction of the solid phase in the heterogeneous layer leads to the deformation of the head front to the SW and strong braking, with the result that reflections from the wall hardly occurs and the leg of the Mach is not formed, however, when $alpha_{2}geq 5cdot 10^{-2}$ - it is formed over the surface of the heterogeneous layer. With the increase of the gas temperature in the heterogeneous layer the velocity (SW) increases while the intensity of its amplitude falls. The calculations given in this particular work showed that the increasing of the gas temperature in the layer promotes the increasing of the moment force acting on the lattice of solid substances. At high temperatures of the gas in the heterogeneous layer, despite power and heat interaction of gas and substances the precursor is formed.
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numerical procedure; mathematical model; conservation laws; Courant number.
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