Volume 10, no. 4Pages 56 - 63

Dynamic Analysis of a Ballistic Missible Model

V.I. Pegov, I.Yu. Moshkin
A hydraulic catching device in the form of a blind water-filled pipe is widely used to ensure safety in tests of ballistic missile models in hydrodynamic test tanks. An air chamber is provided at the pipe end wall to avoid a water-hammer effect. The developed math model and methodology for analyzing dynamics of a ballistic model in a hydraulic catching device permit to choose geometrical parameters of a catching device and decelerate the model in preset design conditions. The model longitudinal equation was derived from the Lagrange equation. The proposed methodology was used to create a software program and make trial calculations. The calculation data were compared with the experimental ones obtained during tests in a hydrodynamic tank. The calculation and experimental data are in good compliance proving adequacy and reliability of the developed math model for a deceleration hydrodynamic device. In case of the given Euler number and model mass, the developed math model allows choosing basic parameters of a catching decelerating device which are required for deceleration. The proposed methodology can be used to define geometrical parameters of a decelerating and catching device for testing a ballistic model in a hydrodynamic tank.
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missile model; hydrodynamics; hydraulic device; test; air chamber.
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