Volume 10, no. 4Pages 145 - 150

Approximation of Solutions to the Boundary Value Problems for the Generalized Boussinesq Equation

V.Z. Furaev, A.I. Antonenko
The paper is devoted to one of the Sobolev type mathematical models of fluid filtration in a porous layer. Results that allow to obtain numerical solutions are significant for applied problems. We propose the following algorithm to solve the initial-boundary value problems describing the motion of a free surface filtered in a fluid layer having finite depth. First, the boundary value problems are reduced to the Cauchy problems for integro-differential equations, and then the problems are numerically integrated. However, numerous computational experiments show that the algorithm can be simplified by replacing the integro-differential equations with the corresponding approximating Riccati differential equations, whose solutions can also be found explicitly. In this case, the numerical values of the solution to the integro-differential equation are concluded between successive values of approximating solutions. Therefore, we can pointwise estimate the approximation errors. Examples of results of numerical integration and corresponding approximations are given.
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Sobolev type equation; boundary value problem; integro-differential equation; free surface; Riccati equation.
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