Volume 11, no. 1Pages 75 - 83

Algorithm of Effective Transportation Work for Cargo Traffic

M.V. Buyanov, A.I. Kibzun
We suggest a mathematical model that describes railway network. This model is applied to the problem of allocation locomotive for transportation of freight trains. The aim of the optimization is to minimize the size of active locomotive fleet by choosing trains and locomotives routes. An alternative formulation of the optimization problem is proposed with the usage of a heuristic objective function, which makes it possible to construct an effective decision algorithm. A new deterministic algorithm for suboptimal control is described. This algorithm is a modification of the previously proposed, based on the construction of routes tree for each locomotive and, subsequently, the choice of such a route, in which the maximum value of the given objective function is reached. Numerical experiments were carried out on the example of the historical data of the Moscow Railway. The analysis and comparison of the results are given.
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graph theory; integer optimization; allocation of locomotives.
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