Volume 12, no. 1Pages 32 - 43

Numerical Simulation Intra-Chamber of Unsteady Turbulent Flows Stimulate. Part 1

A.M. Lipanov, S.Yu. Dadikina, A.A. Shumikhin, M.R. Koroleva, A.I. Karpov
The technique of 3D internal unsteady turbulent flows simulation is proposed in this work, in particular the flow of combustion products into the solid fuel rocket engine. The system of governing equations describing the flow of viscous compressible gas written in the cylindrical coordinate system is presented. The computational algorithm based on a modified scheme of splitting vectors belonging to the class methods use Godunov approach is proposed. This algorithm is suitable for end-to-end calculation of the internal flow around all the paths of the rocket engine, including both subsonic flow in the chamber zone, and the zone of supersonic flow in nozzle. The simulation results of gas flow in the model rocket engine show oscillating shock wave processes the occurring into the engine chamber at the early stage. The time-stationary working mode engine is defined.
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intra-chamber of the processes; turbulence; unsteady flow; computational fluid dynamics.
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