Volume 12, no. 1Pages 122 - 128

Models and Methods Of Computer-Aided Design of the User Interface of Software Systems

N.S. Vaytsel, O.A. Bubareva
The article deals with the design, mathematical modeling and development of the prototype of the interface of the information system of the audit fund. In this paper, the study of the design of the user interface, methods for creating interfaces, user interaction types, a list of the functionality of the system, a mathematical model, nondeterministic finite automaton (NFA) was built user interaction with system elements and a prototype of the system have been created. According to the authors, this system will automate and simplify the process of managing the audit fund, joint use of the NFA and one of the methods of creating interfaces, namely, ontology will allow describing domain concepts, edit domain concepts, generate databases and knowledge bases, broadcast from one language to another, get rid of information redundancy, reduce time for database development as well as simplify the process of scheduling the university.
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user interface design; mathematical model; information system prototype classroom fund.
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