Volume 12, no. 4Pages 5 - 28

Mathematical Models and Software Package for Extrusion Control at Flexible Multi-Assortment Productions of Polymeric Materials

T.B. Chistyakova, A.N. Polosin
We develop mathematical models of extrusion and the software package helping production staff to solve problems of resource and energy saving control of the extruders applied in flexible multi-assortment productions of packing polymeric materials. Also, we propose the combined modelling method for complex assessment of throughput, energy consumption of extrusion and quality indices of material in the extruders differing in hardware flexibility and complexity of flow structure. The method is based on use of static and dynamic models. The software package is adjusted according to production method, type of products, as well as requirements to throughput and energy consumption. The software package includes databank of extrusion characteristics, module for extrusion equipment choice, module for design of virtual models of extruder screws, subsystem for structural and parametrical synthesis of mathematical model and calculation of output parameters for extrusion, subsystem for visualization of results, in particular, in the form of trends of output parameters and 3D graphs of their dependences on controlling actions. The operability was confirmed by testing of the software package according to data from productions of polyvinylchloride and polyethylene films at the factories in Russia and Germany. The software package can be used as the effective instrument for support of decision-making when determining configurations and operation modes of the extruders that ensure the set consumer characteristics of the products.
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mathematical models; numerical methods; software package; extrusion; polymeric materials.
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