Volume 13, no. 1Pages 52 - 63

The Blow-Up Solutions to Nonlinear Fractional Differential Caputo-System

M. Terchi, H. Hassouna
In this paper, we establish the finite time blow-up of solutions to nonlinear differential systems governed by Caputo fractional differential equation. Then, we derive sufficient conditions on parameters with positive given data. Moreover, for this purpose under some assumptions, we prove the non existence of global solutions to the considered class of nonlinear fractional differential Caputo-system subject to the initial condition. To prove our main result, we apply the test function method, Riemann-Liouville integral, Caputo derivative operator and some general analysis tools. Our result is new and generalizes the existing one.
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blow-up; differential equations; Riemann-Liouville integral; Caputo derivative operator.
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