Volume 13, no. 2Pages 93 - 107

Modelling of the Electromagnetic Field in Horizontally Layered Radially Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Media

P.N. Aleksandrov, V.N. Krizsky
The solution of the direct problem is based on two main ideas: reducing the system of Maxwell equations written in a cylindrical coordinate to a system of ordinary differential equations using Lommel integrals for the Fourier-Bessel transform and taking into account the final dimensions of the geometric parameters of the model. This allows us to solve direct problems for axisymmetric radially inhomogeneous layered media, taking into account anisotropy in both electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability, including for their dispersions as frequency functions. All this is important in the study of near-well space in the methods of geophysical research of wells.
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two-dimensional problems of geoelectrics; anisotropic horizontally layered radially inhomogeneous media; Fourier-Bessel transform; electromagnetic logging; gas hydrates.
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