Volume 13, no. 4Pages 60 - 67

Numerical Analysis of Fractional Order Integral Dynamical Models with Piecewise Continuous Kernels

A. Tynda, D. Sidorov, I. Muftahov
Volterra integral equations find their application in many areas, including mathematical physics, control theory, mechanics, electrical engineering, and in various industries. In particular, dynamic Volterra models with discontinuous kernels are effectively used in power engineering to determine the operating modes of energy storage devices, as well as to solve the problem of load balancing. This article proposes the numerical scheme for solution of the fractional order linear Volterra integral equations of the first kind with piecewise continuous kernels. The developed approach is based on a polynomial collocation method and effectively approximate such a weakly singular integrals. The efficiency of proposed numerical scheme is illustrated by two examples.
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Volterra integral equations; numerical method; convergence; discontinuous kernel; singularity; fractional integral.
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