Volume 14, no. 1Pages 5 - 25

On Evolutionary Inverse Problems for Mathematical Models of Heat and Mass Transfer

S.G. Pyatkov
This article is a survey. The results on well-posedness of inverse problems for mathematical models of heat and mass transfer are presented. The unknowns are the coefficients of a system or the right-hand side (the source function). The overdetermination conditions are values of a solution of some manifolds or integrals of a solution with weight over the spatial domain. Two classes of mathematical models are considered. The former includes the Navier-Stokes system, the parabolic equations for the temperature of a fluid, and the parabolic system for concentrations of admixtures. The right-hand side of the system for concentrations is unknown and characterizes the volumetric density of sources of admixtures in a fluid. The unknown functions depend on time and some part of spacial variables and occur in the right-hand side of the parabolic system for concentrations. The latter class is just a parabolic system of equations, where the unknowns occur in the right-hand side and the system as coefficients. The well-posedness questions for these problems are examined, in particular, existence and uniqueness theorems as well as stability estimates for solutions are exposed.
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inverse problem; heat and mass transfer; filtration; diffusion; well-posedness.
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