Volume 14, no. 1Pages 50 - 59

On the Force Acting on Particles in an Inhomogeneously Heated Polarizing Liquid

S.I. Martynov
The formulation of the problem and the method of its solution for determining the force acting on particles in a non-uniformly heated polarizable liquid, both from the side of the liquid itself and from the applied external electric field, are considered. It is assumed that the dielectric constant of a liquid depends on temperature, the coefficients of thermal diffusivity of particles and liquid are different, and the temperature distribution does not depend on the motion of the liquid, which corresponds to small Peclet numbers. The dynamics of a fluid is considered in the approximation of small Reynolds numbers, taking into account the volume force acting on it from the side of the electric field in the presence of a temperature gradient. The solution to the problem is sought in the linear approximation with the specified temperature gradients and the applied external electric field. A general expression for the force acting on particles in such a liquid is obtained and a qualitative analysis of their dynamics as a result of the cross action of the temperature gradient and the electric field is carried out.
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temperature gradient; polarizable liquid; particles; electric field; interaction force.
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