Volume 14, no. 3Pages 77 - 91

Application of the Finite Volume Method for Calculating Radiation Heat Transfer in Applied Problems

K.Yu. Litvintsev, A.V. Sentyabov
A number of numerical models of radiation heat transfer, based on P_1 approximation and finite volume method, were implemented in the in-house CFD code "SigmaFlow'' developed by the Krasnoyarsk group of the Institute of Thermophysics of Russian Academy of Science. The implemented finite volume method allows parallel calculations based on domain decomposition of an unstructured mesh and uses sub-mapped spatially inhomogeneous angular grids. Both conventional in CFD methods for solving linear systems such as BiCGStab, DILU, CG and a marching scheme were considered. A number of applied problems with radiation heat transfer were solved by means of CFD code "SigmaFlow''. They include such problems as the numerical simulation of a gas furnace chamber, a burner and a vacuum electrical furnace.
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radiation heat transfer; finite volume method; numerical simulation.
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