Volume 14, no. 4Pages 112 - 119

Parametric Analysis of Mass and Size Characteristics of a Small Performance Air Separation Unit

M.I. Slyusarev, A.V. Kozlov, A.V. Ryazhskih, D.A. Konovalov
A study was conducted to reduce the mass and size characteristics of the small performance air separation unit. Based on the structural analysis of cryogenic air separation units, elements that critically affect the mass and dimensions of the gas production station have been identified. Based on the dynamic model of the rectification process using the MatLab/Simulink computing environment, the static characteristics of the column in the nitrogen production mode were determined by the relaxation method. The computational experiment established the conditions for the hydrodynamically stable operation of the rectification trays. Parametric analysis of static characteristics revealed the possibility of reducing the height of the distillation apparatus. It is shown that on the basis of the developed tools, structural rationalization of the studied technical object is possible without changing the structure of the mathematical model.
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mathematical modelling; dynamic model; parametric analysis; air rectification; nitrogen production column.
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