Volume 14, no. 4Pages 46 - 62

Simulation of Processes to Protect Information of Informatization Objects Against Leakage Through Technical Channels Using an Apparatus of Petri -Markov Nets

O.S. Avsentiev, A.O. Avsentiev, A.G. Krugov, Yu.K. Yazov
We propose an approach to simulation of information protection processes at informatization objects in the dynamics of realizing threats of its leakage through technical channels using the apparatus of composite Petri - Markov nets. We investigate the interrelationships of the processes of transferring information at the object of informatization, its interception by a violator from outside this object through technical channels and protection against interception. Analytical expressions are obtained for calculating the probabilistic-temporal characteristics of simulated processes in order to assess the possibility of a violator implementing threats of information leakage at objects of informatization; protection of this information through the use of preventive measures aimed at blocking or anticipating the actions of the violator to implement these threats.
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technical channel of information leakage; protection of information; preventive measure of protection; protection efficiency; probabilistic-temporal characteristic; branching process; logical condition; process modelling; composite Petri - Markov net.
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