Volume 14, no. 4Pages 63 - 73

Iterative Learning Control on Nonlinear Stochastic Networked Systems with Non-Differentiable Dynamics

Najafi Sedigheh Alsadat, Delavarkhalafi Ali, Karbassi Seyed Mehdi
In the design of iterative learning control (ILC) algorithm for stochastic nonlinear networked systems, the underlying assumption is differentiability of the system dynamics. In many cases, in reality, stochastic nonlinear networked systems have non-differentiable dynamics, but their dynamics functions after discretization by using conventional methods have global Lipschits' continuous (GLC) condition. In this paper, we apply an ILC algorithm for stochastic nonlinear networked systems that have the GLC condition. We demonstrate that to design the ILC algorithm, differentiability of the system dynamics is not necessary, and the GLC condition is sufficient for designing the ILC algorithm for stochastic nonlinear networked systems with non-differentiable dynamics. We investigate the analysis of convergence and the tracking performance of the proposed update law for stochastic nonlinear networked systems with GLC condition. We show that there exists no limited condition for the stochastic data dropout probabilis in the convergence investigation of the input error. Then, the results are reviewed and confirmed with a numerical example.
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iterative learning control; stochastic nonlinear networked system; non-differentiable; global Lipschits continuous (GLC); data dropout.
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