Volume 15, no. 2Pages 56 - 69

Comparative Analysis of Software Implementation Efficiency of the Semi-Analytical Methods for Calculating Wave Fields in Multilayer Anisotropic Composites

E.V. Glushkov, N.V. Glushkova, M.V. Vareldzhan
We construct a numerical model of the excitation and propagation of traveling elastic waves in multilayer anisotropic plates. The algorithms implemented in the software package are based on explicit integral representations of the solution to the corresponding boundary value problems and the asymptotic representations derived from them for the zone farthest from the source. In the near-field zone, including under the source, the amplitude-frequency characteristics of a wave field are obtained by the numerical integrating of the improper path integrals. Three approaches to the calculation of wave fields are considered; a comparative analysis of their effectiveness is conducted based on numerical examples.
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layered composites; normal modes; integral and asymptotic representations of wave fields; low-cost algorythms.
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