Volume 15, no. 4Pages 99 - 108

Methods for Studying the Stability and Stabilization of Some Systems with Large Delay

B.G. Grebenshchikov, A.B. Lozhnikov
The article is devoted to the study of the properties of systems of differential equations containing a large (in particular, linear) delay. Systems with linear delay have a fairly wide application in biology, in particular, in modelling the distribution of cells in body tissues, as
well as in the theory of neural networks. Equations of this type are also found in problems of physics and mechanics, where an important point is the asymptotic behavior of the solution (in particular, the asymptotic stability). When such systems are unstable, the problem of stabilization arises. The optimal stabilization algorithm is based on an union of stabilization of systems of ordinary differential equations and further difference systems. This algorithm is quite simply implemented using numerical methods for solving systems of differential equations with a delay and solving matrix equations. We developed a program that allows quite effectively find a control effect that stabilizes some systems.
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delay; stability; stabilization.
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