Volume 16, no. 1Pages 23 - 34

Mathematical Modelling of the Cathodically Polarized Pipeline Electric Field Taking into Account External and Internal Insulation Coating

V.N. Krizskiy, P.N. Alexandrov, O.V. Kosarev, Y.A. Luntovskaya
Formation of mathematical models for correct calculation of cathodic protection system parameters in order to protect pipelines from corrosion formation on pipe metal is an urgent task. However, not all models take into account the necessary factors influencing the reliability of calculated indicators, on the basis of which the analysis and appropriate decisions about further pipeline operation are made. The authors of the article considers a task of calculation of electric parameters of cathodic protection system for underground pipeline, located in a homogeneous half-space taking into account transition resistance of external and internal layers of insulation. To solve this problem the discretization method was used.
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cathodic protection; main pipeline; mathematical modeling of electric field; external and internal insulation resistance.
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