Volume 6, no. 4 Pages 39 - 47

Differential-Algebraic Equations with Regular Local Matrix Pencils

René Lamour, Roswitha März
In the projector based framework, any regular linear DAE features several continuous time-varying characteristic subspaces that are independent of construction technicalities, among them the so-called sum-subspaces. As it is well-known, the local matrix pencils of a higher-index time-varying linear DAE do not reflect the global structure of the DAE in general. We show that, on the given interval, the local matrix pencils of the DAE are regular and reflect the global DAE structure if several of these characteristic subspaces are time-invariant. We discuss practicable methods to check the time-invariance of these subspaces. The corresponding class of DAEs is related to the class of DAEs formerly introduced and discussed by Yuri E. Boyarintsev.
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time-varying DAEs; local matrix pencil; regularity.