Volume 8, no. 2Pages 127 - 132

Computational Experiment for One Mathematical Model of Ion-acoustic Waves

A.A. Zamyshlyaeva, A.S. Muravyev
In the article the mathematical model of ion-acoustic waves in a plasma in an external magnetic field is studied. This model can be reduced to a Cauchy problem for a Sobolev type equation of the fourth order with polynomially (A,p)-bounded operator pencil. Therefore abstract results on solvability of the Cauchy problem for such equation can be used. In the article a theorem on the unique solvability of the Cauchy - Dirichlet problem is mentioned. Based on the theoretical results there was developed an algorithm for the numerical solution of the problem, using a modified Galerkin method. The algorithm is implemented in Maple. The article includes description of this algorithm. It is illustrated by model examples showing the work of the developed program.
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mathematical model; ion-acoustic waves; Galerkin method.
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