Volume 10, no. 2Pages 63 - 73

Solution of Irregular Systems of Partial Differential Equations Using Skeleton Decomposition of Linear Operators

D.N. Sidorov, N.A. Sidorov
The linear system of partial differential equations is considered. It is assumed that there is an irreversible linear operator in the main part of the system. The operator is assumed to enjoy the skeletal decomposition. The differential operators of such system are assumed to have sufficiently smooth coefficients. In the concrete situations the domains of such differential operators are linear manifolds of smooth enough functions with values in Banach space. Such functions are assumed to satisfy additional boundary conditions. The concept of a skeleton chain of linear operator is introduced. It is assumed that the operator generates a skeleton chain of the finite length. In this case, the problem of solution of a given system is reduced to a regular split system of equations. The system is resolved with respect to the highest differential expressions taking into account certain initial and boundary conditions. The proposed approach can be generalized and applied to the boundary value problems in the nonlinear case. Presented results develop the theory of degenerate differential equations summarized in the monographs MR 87a:58036, Zbl 1027.47001.
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ill-posed problems; Cauchy problems; irreversible operator; skeleton decomposition; skeleton chain; boundary value problems.
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