Volume 10, no. 2Pages 124 - 136

On Nonparametric Modelling of Multidimensional Noninertial Systems with Delay

A.V. Medvedev, E.A. Chzhan
We consider the problem of noninertial objects identification under nonparametric uncertainty when a priori information about the parametric structure of the object is not available. In many applications there is a situation, when measurements of various output variables are made through significant period of time and it can substantially exceed the time constant of the object. In this context, we must consider the object as the noninertial with delay. In fact, there are two basic approaches to solve problems of identification: one of them is identification in 'narrow' sense or parametric identification. However, it is natural to apply the local approximation methods when we do not have enough a priori information to select the parameter structure. These methods deal with qualitative properties of the object. If the source data of the object is sufficiently representative, the nonparametric identification gives a satisfactory result but if there are 'sparsity' or 'gaps' in the space of input and output variables the quality of nonparametric models is significantly reduced. This article is devoted to the method of filling or generation of training samples based on current available information. This can significantly improve the accuracy of identification of nonparametric models of noninertial systems with delay. Conducted computing experiments have confirmed that the quality of nonparametric models of noninertial systems can be significantly improved as a result of original sample 'repair'. At the same time it helps to increase the accuracy of the model at the border areas of the process input-output variables definition.
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nonparametric identification; data analysis; computational modelling.
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