Volume 11, no. 2Pages 5 - 13

Mathematical Modelling of Effective Elastic Parameters

P.N. Aleksandrov, V.N. Krizsky
The article is devoted to the study of the laws of elastic field propagation in inhomogeneous anisotropic media. At the same time, anisotropy is introduced as effective (averaged) parameters of a thin-layered medium, which determines the macroanisotropic elastic parameters of the rock. It is shown that the effective elastic parameters obtained from the theory of elasticity (Lame equations) do not coincide with the effective parameters
obtained using the kinematic approach. On the basis of reduction of equations of the theory of elasticity to the systems of the ordinary differential equations of the first order the solution of a direct problem of seismic exploration (as a boundary value problem) for horizontally layered and anisotropic model of the geological environment is received. The given result of calculation of the seismic field registered on the daily surface in the case of an anisotropic object leads to the complex picture of the wave field. This means that it is necessary to improve the methods of seismic exploration in the course of the studying of anisotropic properties of the geological environment.
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seismic anisotropy; effective parameters; systems of differential equations; eikonal equation.
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