Volume 11, no. 4Pages 94 - 109

Linearization of Differential Algebraic Equations with Integral Terms and Their Application to the Thermal Energy Modelling

E.V. Chistyakova, V.F. Chistyakov, A.A. Levin
Modelling of various natural and technical processes often results in systems that comprise ordinary differential equations and algebraic equations This paper studies systems of quasi-linear integral-differential equations with a singular matrix multiplying the higher derivative of the desired vector-function. Such systems can be treated as differential algebraic equations perturbed by the Volterra operators. We obtained solvability conditions for such systems and their initial problems and consider possible ways of linearization for them on the basis of the Newton method. Applications that arise in the area of thermal engineering are discussed and as an example we consider a hydraulic circuit presented as a system comprising an interconnected set of discrete components that transport liquid. Numerical experiments that employed the implicit Euler scheme showed that the mathematical model of the straight-through boiler with a turbine and a regeneration system has a solution and this solution tends to the stationary mode preset by regulators.
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differential algebraic equations; Fredholm operator; Volterra operator; initial problem; consistency problem; index.
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