Volume 12, no. 1Pages 82 - 95

On Some Inverse Coefficient Problems with the Pointwise Overdetermination for Mathematical Models of Filtration

S.N. Shergin, E.I. Safonov, S.G. Pyatkov
We examine inverse problems of recovering coefficients in a linear pseudoparabolic equation arising in the filtration theory. Boundary conditions of the Neumann type are supplemented with the overtermination conditions which are the values of the solution at some interior points of a domain. We expose existence and uniqueness theorems in the Sobolev spaces. The solution is regular, i. e., it possesses all generalized derivatives occurring in the equation containing in some Lebesgue space. The method of the proof is constructive. The problem is reduced to a nonlinear operator equation with a contraction operator whenever the time interval is sufficiently small. Involving the method of the proof, we construct a numerical algorithm, the corresponding software bundle, and describe the results of numerical experiments in the two-dimensional case in the space variables. The unknowns are a solution to the equation and the piezo-conductivity coefficient of a fissured rock. The main method of numerical solving the problem is the finite element method together with a difference scheme for solving of the corresponding system of ordinary differential equations. Finally, the problem is reduced to a system of nonlinear algebraic equations which solution is found by the iteration procedure. The results show a good convergence of the algorithms.
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inverse problem; pseudoparabolic equation; filtration; fissured rock; numerical solution.
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