Volume 12, no. 1Pages 110 - 121

Software Package WAVES-L for Simulation and Visualization of Wave Processes in an Elastic Layer

E.V. Glushkov, N.V. Glushkova, S.I. Fomenko, A.A. Eremin, A.A. Evdokimov, O.I. Novikov
The software package WAVES-L is intended for fast and interactive simulation of wavefields generated by a prescribed surface load in an elastic layer with three possible types of boundary conditions at the waveguide's bottom surface is considered. The algorithms
realized in the programme are based on the explicit integral representations of the source-induced wavefields and corresponding asymptotic expansions for the guided waves propagating from the source to infinity. In the nearfield, including the points beneath the loading area, the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the total wavefield are computed using the numerical integration of improper contour integrals. The calculation of dispersion curves characteristics and eigenforms of guided waves is realized as well. WAVES-L is supplied with a user-friendly interface, which supports convenient change of the input parameters and provides demonstrative visualization of wavefield dependencies on frequency and spatial variables. The software package has a potential application in ultrasonic non-destructive testing and structural health monitoring of thin-walled engineering constructions. It can also be used in education, within the framework of laboratory classes in the corresponding specialization. The article presents examples of screenshots and graphs of experimental validation of the calculated results.
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elastic layer; normal modes; integral and asymptotic representation of wavefields; graphical user interface.
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