Volume 12, no. 4Pages 135 - 141

Synthesis of Surface H-Polarized Currents on an Unclosed Cylindrical Surface

S.I. Eminov, S.Yu. Petrova
The article describes the inverse problem of diffraction of electromagnetic waves, finding surface H-polarized currents on an unclosed cylindrical surface according to a given radiation pattern. The work is based on modelling an operator equation with a small parameter. The operator is represented as the sum of a positive-definite, continuously invertible operator and a compact positive operator. The positive-definite operator exactly coincides with the main operator of the corresponding direct problem of diffraction of electromagnetic waves. Due to this fact, the solution to the simulated equation satisfies the necessary boundary conditions. And this is the novelty and difference of the approach developed in this work from the methods known in the scientific literature. We develop a theory of an operator equation with a small parameter and a numerical method based on Chebyshev polynomials with weights that take into account the behavior at the boundary. The efficiency of the numerical method is shown.
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inverse diffraction problem; equation with a small parameter; positive definite operator; completely continuous operator; Hilbert space.
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