Volume 13, no. 2Pages 69 - 79

New P-Type and D-Type Iterative Learning Control Update Laws for Networked Control Systems with Random Data Dropouts

S.A. Najafi, A. Delavarkhalafi
In this paper, we present two new P-type and D-type iterative learning control (ILC) update laws for linear stochastic systems with random data dropout modeled with a Bernoulli random variable. We prove that the P-type and D-type ILC update laws converge to the desired input in the almost sure sense. We show that the convergence conditions of the inputs corresponding to the P-type and D-type ILC update laws for networked control systems are the same. We present the performance comparison of the P-type and D-type ILC update laws. In this comparison, we conclude that the P-type ILC update law is more effective than the D-type ILC update law for networked control systems.
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iterative learning control; D-type; P-type; data dropout; networked control linear system.
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